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The conversation with Stephen made me realise though we came from 2 different education backgrounds, we saw the effort of schools and teachers to embed technology into the classroom. Yet, interaction framework (as Bill Cope mentioned in the video “From Didactic Pedagogy to New Learning”) were not effectively and efficiently practised.

Credit: Acton Academy Middle School and Launchpad (High school)

“If children have interest then education happens”

That is why the image of learning through computers installed in walls amazed me of how naturally and organically learning occurs without the intervention of adults, especially teachers. The power of intrinsic motivation engaged kids from remote areas of India, Cambodia to getting acquainted, exploring and having fun with computers then learning something that we all think impossible for them (like biotechnology).

So..why do we need teachers anymore?

As Sugata Mitra described his experiments in Central India, Hyderabad, Cambodia and South Africa, he vaguely explained the computer, left and came back after a few months, students taught themselves not only technology but the subjects. So will one student-one computer be the scenario of future education?

Credit: Edsurge

I had a chance to chat with a Year 10 Layla recently. Apparently, she was stuck at her grandma's in Geelong, Victoria during the second lockdown, seperate from her parents and friends, struggled to stay focused in Zoom classes, felt annoyed when teachers asked her to turn on the video. Though she still has not figured out her VCE subjects, she is relieved that she could attend school again and slightly worried when i asked what if there was another lockdown.

This conversation made me believe that students alone with technology would never work. Teachers play a pivotal role in guiding, inspiring and most importantly, ensuring students' safety when using ICT.

Behind the scene…

Stephen and I gathered our thoughts to put in the podcast script and recorded with our phones before editing and putting on Soundcloud. We did regret not to record our meeting for this podcast because it was way more detailed and natural than the podcast :)

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