Distrusting Educational Technology : Critical Questions for Changing Times : Critical Questions for Changing Times

by Neil Selwyn


  • Gaming develops psychomotor and cognitive skills.
  • Games are semiotic and multimodal.
  • Community-based learning is fostered through interaction games.


  • Lack of strong evidence of game producing learning outcomes.
  • Detrimental nature of games with real life consequences such as shootings.
  • Form of repetitive training instead of creativity development.
  • “Excessive competitiveness” is found in noncompetitive settings.


  • Measurement and competition in game are also a fundamental elements of education.
  • Digital game requires constant dense information processing which prepares students for real world situations.
  • Evolution of games from 1980s where dominant practice is to “drill and practice” — a form of training — to 2010s where freedom and variety were offered yet within the rationalisation of action — a form of learning.

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